Welcome Industry

Excellence With The Commitment Of Highest Standard Of Production

Since 1970s, welcome industries having simple trade business in metal sheet till 1986. In 1986, Welcome Industries entered in the field of home appliances. Metal sheet plays a very important role in the making of products of home appliances. Our experience of hat field is quite helpful in manufacturing of products of best quality. This is why products of welcome industries have no match in quality.
Welcome industries, is a well-experienced and innovative firm. We not only provide our products to household customers but also serve commercial customers (Hotels, restaurants etc) Right from beginning, products of welcome industries are enjoying good recognition both in the national and international market on the basis of quality, design and attractive colors. For customer satisfaction, we maintain long run relationship with our customers. Company emphasis on customer satisfaction rather than just profit earning. Our sales services and after sales services reveals the importance of customers.
Nothing is perfect except Almighty ALLAH and Holy PROPHET (P.B.U.H) So we are making endless efforts and working hard to improve the quality of products according to the latest quality standards.
Industry leaders and influencers recognise Overstock as one of the most trust worthy retail companies in the U.S., ranking high for both customer and employee satisfaction.

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